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Come on in and take a look around. You’ll find something to freshen up your beauty routine. Here, at Blooming Brands, we believe that the power of plants and flowers can detoxify, nourish, and protect skin from head to toe, even lift your spirits, as well as bring beauty to your day.

As innovators in our industry, we take pride in using ingredients that are conscientiously sourced & consciously clean. Take a closer look at our ingredients and you’ll discover exotic botanicals and premium remedies to salon-quality secrets. Everything we make is always cruelty-free with sustainability among our core values. Purely vegan choices that are lab-tested to be safe and effective.

Whether you’re shopping for specialty treatments, premium skin or hair care products or home indulgences, you can look great and feel good about choosing a product from Blooming Brands.

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Real flowers in every product

From lips to nails, face and body oils, to fragrances and more, blossom into beautiful with real flowers. Handcrafted in California with a flower in every bottle, each product is bottled with a sunny, feel-good vibe.

Purely Vegan & Plant-Powered

Calm, protect, detoxify & restore with probiotics & exotic ingredients you can feel good about. Enrich your body with quality skin care and cosmetics, specialty treatments, home refresh products, and more.

Salon quality nails

We’ve got just the fix for stubborn cuticles. Since 1933, BlueCross Cuticle Remover has been the #1 salon professionals’ choice. Try new BlueCross Cuticle Remover Cream  that’s lanolin-enriched for softer fingertips.